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Q & A

Does it work for iOS and Android phones ?
Yes, ThermoJack is compatible to iOS and android phones.

Does it need a battery ?
ThermoJack uses audio power from your phone and it does not need battery. The power consumption is small that just like power taken during listening music.

The device does not work, just shows device connected but no data, why ?
ThermoJack uses audio power. The APP will automatically set phone's volume to max (and will restore the original volume when app is quited). But some android phones have a max volume protection. If you find the device's green LED does not light up, please set the phone volume to max manually. You will see the green LED lights up for every 8 seconds and device can be worked properly.

How accurate is it?
ThermoJack is very accurate. Accuracy of temperature is +/- 1C and humidity is +/-10%.
Temperature range: -25C to 59C
Humidity range: 22% ~ 98%

What is the use of the extension cable provided?
ThermJack is very sensitive. The phone's body temperature may affect the temperature measured. If you need a more accurate amibent measuring, extension cable is recommended so that the phone's temperature can be minimized.

How often does it measure ?
ThermoJack measures every 8 seconds. There is green led lights up during every measurement.

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